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True Industrial Cleaning

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Sanitize enviroment is equal to health.
Steel as cleaning as brighting

Give back to life steel and chromes.

Leading prevent maintenance!

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Telecommunication Area

Specific solutions to each one of your needs.

Mechanical Industry

Maintenance and Degrease of pieces, machine shopes, Garages and General Industry.

Electronic Industry

Cutting Edge Technology for Electronic Equipment.

40 Aniversary

We produce chemicals of industrial and institutional maintenance.



So far Chem Cres Inc. had exported to several Latin-American countries its products, making clear in a international and national level that we are one of the leaders companies on maintenance chemicals in Latin-American. Our next goal it is being in the world first places be cause our wide-variety line of products plus quality and unique specialized formulas, they allow us to get in and stay in home and industries of our clients very soon.